Zone 3 Hobart

Parking and Entry

Zone 3 is situated on level 2 in the Village Cinemas complex

Entry is through Village, up stairs to Intencity and then stairs to Zone 3

Note that Village, Intencity and Zone are all separate businesses

Keep in mind that parties last for 1.5 hours so you will need a minimum time of 2 hours

Parties before 10am on weekends and 12pm on weekdays may need to contact us to get access

Village Carpark

Street Parking

The carpark is next door to Village and is open from 7am to midnight

Weekends are a flat rate of $5 (no time limit)

Weekdays start from $6 for 1 hours, $8 for 2 hours

There are discounts if you book online – click here

ThereĀ  are meters of varying times surrounding Zone 3

Meters generaly stop at 6pm

Many are free on Sundays