Frequently Asked Questions

How many can play in a Birthday Party?

18 Players plus 2 adults can play for free.

What pizzas are available for catered parties?

Pizzas are large classic crust from the Domino’s ‘Value’ or ‘Traditional’ range.  Special toppings are extra.  Additional pizzas $10. 

Can I self cater birthday parties?

Certainly, bring your own food including cups, cutlery and plates.  No charge. 

Can non playing friends and family attend?

Sure, everyone is welcome, but please note Covid 19 restrictions may apply.

Do I have to book exact number of players for a birthday party?

No, we will calculate payment on the day based on the number of players who attend.  There is a minimum payment of 10 players for birthday parties.

What age can play?

Generally the minimum age is 5, or of a suitable height to wear the vest and handle the equipment.

What should players wear?

Suitable covered footware, preferably sports shoes.  No thongs  or sandals.  Suitable clothing as determined by us.  T-shirts and shorts are fine.

How do I pay?

Payment is on the day, cash or card.  No deposit is necessary.

About the Games

Games can be played in a variety of formats, up to 50 are available.

They can be solo or up to 8 teams.

A maximum of 18 players can play each game.

No experience is required as we provide briefings and support before each game.

Minimum age is generally 6.

Games are played in a low light environment with black UV lighting to create a visually enhanced experience.

The phasors are safe and use low power lasers and infra red beams.

Games are non contact and running is not allowed to increase safety.

Each player (and team) receive a score which can be viewed at the end of each game.

Monday night is club night for more advanced games.  All are welcome including beginners. – Click Here

Laser Tag is played as a sport and has State, National and World championships each year.  Tasmania has some of the best players in Australia and are happy to teach new players.

Laser Tag is a perfect choice for birthday parties for all ages.  We can also cater.